Friday, October 31, 2008

Achievement Award 2008 - Dominion on Air

Achievement Award 2008 for Giving Visiting Students Unique Radio Experiences since 1991.

Once a month, Dominion English Students produce and record our famous Dominion radio show called Dominion on Air at Plains FM 96.9. Students choose topics that are of their own interests. Within those topics the students write the radio show script with their teachers help. Radio shows vary from interviews, debates, students own choice of music, stories and an ongoing variety of new ideas every time the show is recorded. Preparing the radio show gives the students the chance to work on their pronunciation, their speaking confidence and also on their writing skills when they are working on the script.

There is a wide range of students that participate on the show from level 2 to proficiency.

Some students dont seem confident when they start to work on it but as soon as they record the radio programme they tell everybody how much they enjoyed themselves.

So the radio show is produced in the classroom with the teachers guidance and then it is recorded on a Thursday afternoon to then be played on the radio the following Tuesday morning at 10.30 a.m., just when the school break starts, so everyone can listen to it.

Dominion English School has been taking their students there for over 15 years now. Congratulations on a well deserved Achievement Award!

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