Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christchurch Pub Night every Thursday after class.

Dominion students have their Pub Night every Thursday after 4 pm. Students meet there to speak English while having a good time. You dont need to drink alcohol if you dont want. There are many other drinks available as well as some snacks.

From October we have decided to change bars. We used to go to The Flying Burrito Brothers, a Mexican bar and restaurant 2 minutes away from our Christchurch school. Dux de Lux is our new Pub Night destination because we love its outside area especially when the weather is warmer. Dux de Lux is a historic Brewery Bar which offers a relaxed environment to meet friends and unwind at the end of the day with a fantastic range of delicious Craft Beers. You can watch your favourite sport, catch the band or just watch people. An institution in the live music scene, the Dux de Lux is one of New Zealands premier venues for showcasing emerging new talent.

It is a good excuse to practise English outside the classroom talking to your classmates or locals.

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