Monday, November 24, 2008


Paola Lopez Morinigo studied at Dominion for 2 weeks last month.

She joined the Cambridge CAE class as she is a teacher in Argentina and wanted a challenging class!

Paola really enjoyed her time with us and her warm, friendly personality contributed well to the school.

Here is a photo of Paola with her son.

Below is a lovely poetic piece of prose that she wrote on her last day. She says that her family thought she had changed a little, but really she’d grown through the experience of travel. Thanks Paola!


This is too big to be taken in one gulp. I’ve fallen in love with Auckland; it was love at first sight. Never did I think I was going to have such an experience in my life. In this cosmopolitan place, I found peace. I’ve been trying to breathe deeply its fresh air every single day, trying to devour with my eyes wide open the parks, the buildings in Auckland in order to remember them forever. This is a good city to live and to die as well.
My hometown is in Argentina and my heart in Auckland.
Now back to my son, my family, my work and to the things that have made me the person I am. I’m flying back with a sense of fulfillment and immense happiness, grateful to all the people that helped me feel this way: in complete harmony with myself, determined to achieve the very main goals I’ve ever had and never dared mention. There’s a warm breeze blowing and a scent of flowers in the air; Auckland bids me farewell with sunshine; while I, in tears, kiss it goodbye with a promise in my mind, but I’d better not say it, because it might be bad luck…
Thank you Dominion English Schools

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