Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dominion English Schools have happily been welcoming students from Saudi Arabia. They are from different cities and of different ages. We asked students for their feedback and this is what they said:

Saleh Alzahrani

“I have been living here in Christchurch with my family for over 4 months. I like the school because I like the teachers, the curriculum, the students and the activities. Since I’ve been here my English has improved thanks to the teachers and the activities which helps me to interact with the Christchurch community. Teachers such as Jean, Marie, Sieg and Michael have been especially helpful, they are really experienced and friendly teachers. I would sure recommend everyone to come here to learn English!!!”

Saleh on an afternoon activity - Orana Wildlife Park

Saleh with Sandra from Austria, Larissa and Luiz from Brazil and Sanae, Miyuki and Emi from Japan

Mohammed Assini

“I am 18 years old; I have been here in Auckland for four months now. I like Dominion because I have a really good time in this school. I have improved my English lots: when I came, I couldn’t speak a word in English; now I can speak with anybody, it’s great! I respect this school, if I need something they always help me.”

Mohammed Al-harbi with Emi from Japan and Thiago from Brazil

Friday farewell - Goodbye Ali Alansari and Sami Aloufi - 6th February

Sami Salem Alsaedi

“I have been studying in Christchurch for six months. I have improved so much. My teachers help me a lot. I won’t forget how the school helped me with everything. I recommend anyone to come here. I will take some holidays now; I am going back to my country to visit my friends and family but I’ll be back in a month. See you in Christchurch.”

Sami with Khalil Alsaedi, Khaled Almutlq, Faisal Alanesi and Abdulrahiem Aloufi

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