Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Auckland Afternoon Skills Class Survey Reports

Auckland's afternoon Skills class conducted a survey as part of a class project. In groups of two they invaded Queen St harassing unsuspecting passers-by to partake in their individual survey topics. At the end of the day they submitted their reports and the best 2 reports were chosen to grace the pages of our blog for all to enjoy!

1. Report About 'Fur & Fashion's" Survey by Barbara and Anthony

The purpose of the survey was to ask people about fur and fashion.

Most of the interviewees think that wearing clothes made from fur is fashionable. However, if the majority could buy some fur clothes, they wouldn't because it's not fair on the animals.

On the other hand, kiwis do not agree with killing animals for fur, but they agree to kill possums because they are a pest in New Zealand since they destroy the environment.

It is important to highlight that our interviewees eat meat. They were very confused when we asked why they think that it is fair to eat meat but not to wear fur, because all of them think that eating meat is very healthy, never-the-less they agree that lots of people can live without eating meat.

People usually don't like wearing fur because it's not fair to kill animals just to be fashionable. However, they eat meat because it tastes good and is healthy.

2. Survey - Beauty / Cosmetic Surgery by Sunock & Roman

Our teachers forced us to do a survey about beauty and cosmetic surgery. We randomly asked people on Queen Street.

The results of the survey were as following:
Surprisingly only 1 out of 8 people would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery.
As a matter of fact this person was the oldest woman we had interviewed (50).
For the question about which part of the body is the most attractive one, the majority of the people answered, 'hands and eyes'.

Every person interviewed had their own point of view about beauty. To leave you with one last thought: beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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