Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day

This post was from our lovely Dominion English School Christchurch.
It is with sadness that I write to confirm that Dominion English Schools Christchurch will not reopen for a foreseeable future. Our building is still inaccessible and we have decided to cut our losses. This is specially sad when you look at the photos above. When the earthquake struck, Dominion Christachurch had just celebrated its 20th birthday. We were lucky that no-one connected in any way to the school was injured, apart from shock. We miss the school and working with wonderful staff that showed such responsibility and courage right up until the very sudden end. Many thanks to them for building such a warm, friendly high quality school.

Martin Wall - Principal, Dominion English Schools

Valentine’s Day
Sunday February 14
We had some fun & celebrated (2 days early) on Friday 12 Feb.
 There was a Valentine’s Post Box in the office for students to put secret valentine messages & gifts for other students/teachers. They were delivered to the classrooms on Friday morning. 

From 3 – 4pm there was a Valentine’s Day speaking activity instead of the usual conversation class. At 4.00pm the names of 2 lucky men & 2 lucky women were drawn to have a fun group “date” at the Dux de Lux with a $50 voucher paid for by Dominion. Students had to join the activity to win! 
Thanks Tomoaki for the homemade chocolate you shared with us at Farewells.
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