Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend

The Bay of Islands
by Tsung-Ping WU

The weekend before last we had a long weekend because the first Monday of June is the Queen's birthday, so, I joined the Bay of Islands tour even though I knew a storm was expected in the North Island.

On the first day the weather in Whangarei was bad, so we spent the day in the restaurant called 'The Stone'. But, this was alright as I ate a super big Kiwi burger! The size of the pattie was almost equal to the size of a steak in Auckland and it was unexpectedly cheaper!

But, after lunch the weather started to change. We went to Cape Reinga, at the top of New Zealand and we saw a lighthouse.

We also went sand surfing on Ninety Mile Beach regardless of the weather!

After the storm, I thought the weather was clearer than before.

During the Ninety Mile Beach Course in the morning, a Maori guide taught us a lot of history about the Bay of Islands and Whangarei. Although, I developed an interest in Maori, I could not understand very much because he spoke very fast. I will remember this experience!

Monday was a sunny day. I was quite happy when I heard the storm was moving down to Auckland.

Eventually, we got to board a boat and we were lucky to see a family of dolphins on an outing in the ocean.

Finally, we saw the beautiful and famous Bay of Islands.

Although the weather was very bad, I was able to meet many interesting tourists and kind friends on this holiday. It was a fantastic and fun tour!

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