Monday, July 12, 2010

Class 2A PM Interviews Anne!

The first time you come to Dominion English School you meet Anne who is a special person in the school, because she's the Assistant Director of Studies. She really likes adventure racing and it's a special hobby for her. She started her hobby in 2000 when her friend invited her. She loves adventure racing very much because she thinks it's very fun and challenging and she likes that.

Adventure racing is usually mountain biking, kayaking and trekking. There can also be rafting or snorkelling. They do these sports together in one race. The team is made of four people, usually three men and one woman, but, Anne's team is four women. Anne chose adventure racing because she likes a lot of sports. First, they plan the route on the map then they start the race. Sometimes adventure racing is short and sometimes it is long. For example, it can be 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours or 6 to 10 days. Anne does adventure races 5 times a year, but trains every week, especially weekends. Anne feels more tired when she does kayaking.

There are many multiday races in the world and the ''XPD'' in Cairns, Australia is one of these. This race was the main and the latest race for her team, Macpac Girls on Top. Macpac outdoor company is the sponsor of her team.

The XPD was in May and about 200 people entered the race. It took 9 days and 6 hours and it was 700 kilometres. As a result, they must have a lot of food and drink. However, these long races are very expensive, because each person must pay $2000 including all activities. In spite of the prices, it's a fantastic experience. Macpac Girls on Top were 16th out of 47 teams.

After this adventure race, she was very tired but she said, "I was more excited than tired". It's valuable to acheive her goals with her friends. This race was not only a competition, but also meant that her friendships became stronger. Her next race will be held in Australia in August. It's a 48 hour race too. She will enjoy this race. Anne thinks "adventure racing is wonderful".

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