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TOP TIPS for BETTER ENGLISH by Auckland Class 4A

Top Tips for Improving your English
By Akiko, Albert and Carlos

We know that learning English is so difficult but we think that with our experience we can help you. Read our tips below.

1. Practice speaking English as much as you can. You can go out with your classmates every Wednesday because it's a popular activity at Dominion school. We also recommend that you live in an English speaking homestay.

2. Enjoy studying English. Sometimes people think that studying English is an obligation and they don't enjoy it. You have to change that way of thinking because optimistic thinking can give you more confidence and energy, so that you can work hard. If your mind believes in what you are doing, your English can improve.

3. Watching English programs and movies, even listening to English music, are good ways to practice English, especially when you listen carefully to what they say in movies or programs. You can also try to learn the way they speak to improve your English speaking.

Top Tips for Better English
By Silvana, Claire and Peggy

If you want to have success learning English you should follow these tips which are really useful for your improvement.

1. Review vocabulary. You should learn 5 words per day because if you use these words it's going to be easy for you to explain or say what you want.

2. Speak and Listen to English only. It's a good idea to live in a homestay because you can practice your English as much as you can. Also, we recommend you make friends from other countries - that make you speak just English.

3. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. If you are often afraid of making mistakes you're not going to speak too much. Also, don't think about grammar, just try to speak fluently.

4. Don't give up. Learning English is difficult but if you try and practice all the time you'll see that learning English is not such a big problem!

5. Read the newspaper every day which would help you with your reading skills and you can learn more vocabulary.

In our opinion learning English is nothing special you just need to practice and if you think that is difficult, just try as much as possible and never give up.

Top Tips for Better English
By Yurie, Alex and Bona

We know learning English is very difficult because we've been learning English at Dominion School for ages. We'll give some tips for you to refer.

1. Go Abroad

We think being in an English environment is the most important thing that helps you to improve your English. You have to speak English everywhere and think about your English improvement. You can also improve English much faster if you do this than spending a lot of time studying English in your country.

2. English Only Policy

When you go abroad, please don't speak your own language, even if you're outside of school. We think it' a good idea to improve your English quickly. If you live in a homestay, you can talk to native speakers and make lots of friends who come from different countries.

3. Improve your Listening
We think listening to music, watching TV or movies is good for your listening skills. We recommend listening to English songs, sometimes read lyrics at the same time. If you like watching TV or movies then choose a channel which has subtitles, because you can check what you hear. When you watch a movie please put on English subtitles.
4. Revise Vocabulary and Grammar
When you go home, keep trying to revise what you learn in class every day or regularly. If you don't revise, you'll probably forget it much more quickly. We recommend reading as much a you can, and when you find new vocabulary, please write it down and look up the word's meaning and try to use it constantly.
In our opinion, if you try these tips, your English will be more fluent, and you'll improve more quickly. Good luck!!!
Tips for Better English By Jenny and Makiko
As you know, it's hard to study English. Also, you might think studying English is boring. For people who have problems with speaking English, here are some tips. Read and keep them in mind.
1. You should find interesting ways to study English because studying English is not that exciting. So, you need to make it intersting. For example, you can watch American TV dramas or you can write a diary in English. Choose your favourite TV programs and try to watch them over and over.
2. Make friends from other countries. It will be a great chance for you to talk in English. I'll give you one example. One student in Dominion had an American boyfriend so her English skills improved a lot. The power of love =D
3. Go abroad. Travelling around other countries or living with people from other countries would force you to study English. Also, your goals would be more specific. For instance, living with a host family in NZ is one great way.
4. Check your level. If you are a beginner, start from the beginning. Don't be too ambitious at the first stage when you study English. We can't speak like Kiwis at the beginning.
5. Keep practicing English everyday. For example, try not to speak your own language when you are in language school. I mean 'make rules to improve your English'.
Studying English is not boring as you've thought. To be honest, it's very exciting because if you speak English fluently, you would have more chances to make lots of friends from other countries. I hope these tips help you to improve your English. Thank you for reading this.

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