Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Class 6A PM Write to the Editor

Larissa & Hye-Jin

Dear Blog Editor,

Advertising has had much more influence on people nowadays than before. So, it is important to be careful about what you are going to show and who will appear in the advertisement. The concept of beauty has changed during the years.

Being beautiful is much more than looking like a model! Thank you Dove for showing us that each person has their own beauty. We don't need to follow a model to become beautiful, but they try to find the natural beauty that each one has - like a smile, soft skin, a natural colour, sparkling eyes or something special! What would happen to the world if everybody preferred the same things?

Jenny & Christoph

Dear Blog Editor,

We were shown an advertisement in the lesson and as a result of that we had a reaction. We thought that it just seems to be like 'Dove' wants to support the common appearance and shape of a woman. But, in reality 'Dove' just wants to appeal to htese normal women as a target group in the hope of improving their image. So, while everybody's thinking 'Dove' has such a human face, in fact they're just after our money.

So, next time when you're talking with your friends, you may discuss this point so that this opinion will spread. This can make people start to think about advertising in general.

So, remember guys, make up your own mind!


Aylin & Kathrin
Fur and Fashion

Dear Blog Editor,

A few days before we read an article about fur and fashion and due to this we thought a lot about it. We were so shocked about the fact that the fur trade is increasing again in the last few years. People wearing fur are so ignorant and emotionless and even selfish because they just care about their style instead of worrying about the animals.

In their opinion, killing animals just to get their fur is unnessary and cruel. It's unbelievable but true, that 50 animals have to die for only one coat! We never heard about 'Peta' before but from our point of view it's a great organization but still not as popular as it should be. It's necessary to tell people about these incredible facts to show them the background of these comfortable looking clothes.

We're going to join Peta and you should do it too. If you're still not convinced you can join us at our next meeting. (Monday, 8pm, Dominion School Reception)

We will be there, See you soon.

Anja & Janina

Dear Blog Editor,

In our last lesson we read an article about the increasing popularity of fur coats. We were quite shocked about it and now we are thinking about what we can do about it.

According to the article a kind of revolution against political correctness of the 90s is one of the main reasons why more and more people buy fur products. We want to make a statement against the use of fur, but not only make an appeal for political correctness, but, remind people on the inhuman treatment of animals.

Not so many people know how much they have to suffer in their short life: they grow up in very small cages to face a cruel death by electrocution, poisoning or gasing. Sometimes, they are even still alive when their skin is torn off!

Here's our appeal: Choose wisely what you want to wear and consider this suffering.


Dear Blog Editor,

Throughout history humans have used animal fur to protect against cold and rain. For many years there has been great discussion about the need for fur, especially between the proanimal associations and the fashion industry. For a long time, proanimal associations have exposed the consequence of cruelty against animals. For example, baby seals that are killed by continuous hitting with a stick. Another example are minks that live in the little cages all their lives and in deplorable conditions The animal charities say the present use of fur is unnecessary because there is other material to protect against the cold and the only reason to continue with the use of fur is to show wealth and power.

On the other hand, the fur industry defends against these reasons arguing that any killing of animals is cruel. Especially when nowadays there are mik, geese, cows, pigs and people only attack the farms that produce leather.

In conclusion, the first step to stop this cruelty is to ban the commercialization of fur in the fashion industry and another step would be to improve the conditions of the meat farms to avoid more suffering.

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