Friday, December 10, 2010

Class 5PM - Newspaper articles

Have you ever had a secret lover?

8.Dec.10 Rose who is a domimion student from Taiwan had her picture taken with her prowestler boyfridend while holding her secret lover's hand.
It has just been revealed that Andy hwang, who fullowed Rose to New zealand, has been seeing Rose secretly while she is still dationg Jack.
They both looked very happy. but it is very risky situation.
They had started their secret love affair one month ago. When she was travelling in Queenstown, unfortunately, she got injured in a car accident. At the time, Andy took her to hospital and their chemistry became more intense due to this traumatic event.
Now she disappears. Nobody knows where she is.

“I might not be my father’s son!”

On Monday the 6th of December a well known boy came to Dominion.
He is a very famous actor’s son. The actor’s name is Robert Curuze. Basically he is really really handsome. He can speak over 5  languages and he is brilliant singer. But unfortunately the boy  doesn’t look like his father. In addition, he couldn’t enjoy his previous school. Because his school mates bullied  him. He didn’t want to be bullied anymore.
So he moved to Dominion.  At that time a lot of girls was surprised and screamed
During his first class he said to his class mates. “ I might not be my father’s son! But I want to become good friends with you.” Fortunately his new mates understood how he felt. They thought that even though  he was very famous, he could be lonely.
So then Dominion became famous. Since then a lot of students have enrolled due to this celebrity appearance.

By Eun-sil & Mario

Ghost of Dominion English School

Last week when the classes at Dominion were over some students were doing their homework in room eight. They heard someone knocking on the door in the front of the elevator, then students went to the door and they didn’t see anybody. Then they went back to the class, while they were going back to class they heard the knocking again, so they ran to the door. Surprisingly they didn’t see anybody, when they were in front the door, they suddenly heard the knocking again. Immediately everybody got scared. Quickly they ran out the school.
Today it’s still a mystery as to who was knocking at door…!!!?

Margaret voted Best Principal in NZ

We interviewed Margaret Jillings (Dominion English School Principal).
“How do you feel to have been voted to the best principal in New Zealand?.”
Margaret was chosen out of 100 principals in New Zealand. As the No.1 principal. Why? Because of a number of reasons, here’s what some Level 5 Dominion students had to say about Margaret: “She always smiles and has time for students.” Christina Park.
“She always arrives at the school early and leaves the school late” Harumi Niimi. 
“When students have problems, She always gives them some useful advice”. Si-Rong He.

Margaret attended the annual English Language Teachers and Principals Awards ceremony last Friday night. She looked gorgeous in a versace gown and accepted the award graciously.

 She is holding “The Dominion Christmas Dinner Party” which is happening on 24th December. Hershey asked her why she wanted to have the party for students. Margaret answered that she wanted to make her students happy. They might be lonely over the Christmas season.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas Margaret from the Level 5 Dominion Students!

Written by Harumi, Hershey, Christina

Dominion Restaurant Opens!!!

  Finally, our lovely Dominion restaurant that a great deal of students have been expecting has just opened today! The restaurant has a great chef “Margaret Jillings” who is known as awesome chef all over the world, and she serves us foods from many different nationalities.
  The famous critic ‘Yasuhiro Saito’ strongly recommends the restaurant. He said, “The restaurant has splendid atmosphere and absolutely fantastic meals. Especially, a meal which I would like everyone to eat is ‘Takowasa-don’ made from lots of octopus and tasty wasabi. I’m sure everything in the restaurant will make you happy if you go to the restaurant.”
  For first 10 days, you can eat every foods, for example green curry, sushi, fish and chips, kimchi, for free!!
  Why don’t you come to the restaurant today?

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