Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ Valentine's Day 2011 ♥

This post was from our lovely Dominion English School Christchurch.

It is with sadness that I write to confirm that Dominion English Schools Christchurch will not reopen for a foreseeable future. Our building is still inaccessible and we have decided to cut our losses. This is specially sad when you look at the photos above. When the earthquake struck, Dominion Christachurch had just celebrated its 20th birthday. We were lucky that no-one connected in any way to the school was injured, apart from shock. We miss the school and working with wonderful staff that showed such responsibility and courage right up until the very sudden end. Many thanks to them for building such a warm, friendly high quality school.

Martin Wall - Principal, Dominion English Schools

14th Feb 2011
 This morning the school celebrated Valentine's Day in merry fashion. Every student got a Valentine's day message out of the Valentine's Day box which was a new record for Christchurch. At break time we had fun drawing the raffle; Congratulations Etsuko and Nawaf for winning the prizes!! Mika brought some yummy cookies in for the whole school, adding to the festivity. Happy Valentine's Day everyone from Dominion English School in Christchurch ♥

Valentine's Day message box & female and male prizes!

Georgina and Tara drawing the raffle.

"And the prize goes to..."

"... Nawaf ..."

"... and Etsuko!"

♥ Congratulations Nawaf from Saudi Arabia!

♥ Congratulations Etsuko from Japan!

♥ Chihiro & Mika; Thank you Mika for bringing delicious, hand-made cookies for everyone!!!

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