Monday, August 8, 2011

Blind Tasting - Teenage Full time PM class - NZ Food


This Tuesday afternoon we played an amazing and funny game: THE BLIND TASTING GAME! I liked it. As its name shows, this game consists of wearing a blindfold on your eyes. Another person gives you a piece of food and the player tastes it. After you you take off the blindfold and describe what the flavours and textures are of the food on a paper.
So I tasted seven different pieces of NZ food and I will describe my feelings.
1. Pinky bar – it was a sweet snack. There was smooth marshmallow with caramel and covered in dark chocolate.
2. Pavlova – it was a sweet dessert with smooth meringue and sugar.
3. Pixie Caramel Bar – it was my favourite thing. It was sweet and chewy caramel covered in dark chocolate.
4. Anzac biscuit – it was a crunchy coconut and oat biscuit. I loved it too!
5. Jaffas – they were crunchy chocolate candy.
6. Grainwaves – it was a sort of salty, fatty and crunchy chips – the flavour was cheese.
7. Marmite – it was sour, salty and creamy. I just hated it. It was disgusting!!

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