Tuesday, February 21, 2012

- Pizza Selling Project -

When I heard about our project that was selling pizzas, all our classmates including me thought that might be a fictional project. However Chris who is our teacher wanted to do real business ourselves! In addition, we had to compete with 2 groups to win this project. Although it was just small project in our school, it wasn’t easy or simple.

At first, we made our brand name ‘Yummy’. We wanted that when our customers hear
our name, we’d  stimulate their desire to buy our pizzas. That’s why we chose
the name ‘Yummy’. And then before selling our pizzas, we surveyed  our classmates. For
example, “How many pieces of pizzas do you want?” “If you buy 1 piece of pizzas, how much would you pay?” “What kind of pizzas do you want?” with options.

When we made survey question, we were careful about the  level. Because our school has various levels, we tried to make simple and easy questions. I think thanks to survey, we could estimate our quantities of pizzas and price.

Next, we divided the roles of our team members, because we didn’t have enough time. For example, someone made our posters, someone surveyed price of pizzas and other supplies and so on. After comparing pizzas taste and price, we chose ‘Pizza hut’ and we tried to get a discount pizza price. At first we ordered 10 pizzas because our pre-sales customers were almost 40 people. (By the way we managed to get a discount instead of receiving cokes. Actually we bought pizza sets including cokes and bread but we didn’t need cokes and bread so we tried to negotiate and finally we succeeded.)

After we made our posters, we started our promotion in earnest. Our strategy was emphasizing the cheapest price, discount and lottery. One piece of pizza at our original price was $2 but if someone who had our coupon wanted to buy over 3 pieces, they could get a discount of $1 each with 1 cup of drink and participate in a game. As a result, many of our customers bought 3 pieces. The lottery was also popular with customers so a few people just wanted to participate in lottery. We thus sold $1 coupons  for customers who wanted to just join the game and lottery.

Finally D-DAY came. We ordered pizzas a day before but we suddenly had to change the
number of pizzas from 14 to 20. However, they didn’t answer the phone so we had to go to there on foot. Fortunately we could change our order and we asked no them not to cut the pizzas because when we ordered them before, their shapes were irregular so we decided to them cut ourselves. While we were selling pizza, many more customers came to our stall than we expected. As a result, we could sell out perfectly! Our profit was just over $70. We decided to donate all our profit to IHC (Intellectually Handicapped Children).

Thanks to this project, I could learn about cooperative spirit and experience of real business. Sometimes we had  trial and error but I think every failure is a stepping-stone to success. While we did this project, we just made an effort to enjoy our situation. Nobody could beat a person who enjoys everything. Youths need to just try to do anything and enjoy their lives!

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