Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Magazine 2012 + Summary

March Dominion Schools magazine is now available in our school. Our students have already received a free copy. Colour copies are $2.50.

Summer is coming to an end in the City of Sails as we welcome the new month of March and all the excitement it brings with it!

This month we are keeping busy, with new TESOL, FCE, and CAE courses starting soon, and our 6-week IELTS course is still going strong. Well done to those students who have taken on the challenges of these courses.

We were also lucky enough to welcome 34 new students at the end of February and most of them will stay with us until the end of March or longer.

Make sure you head out and enjoy the last few weeks of summer, go to the beach or maybe take a weekend away with Zane and some friends on one of our weekend trips adventures! It’s the perfect way to see a little more of our beautiful country.

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2012 and are looking forward to the rest of it (we sure are!).
The Dominion Team

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