Friday, April 20, 2012

April Magazine + Summary 2012

April Dominion Schools magazine is now available in our school. Our students have already received a free copy. Colour copies are $2.50.

Welcome to anther edition of our school magazine. It’s April now and in Auckland, autumn is on its way!
We are making our way through the month here at Dominion, and are busy as usual. Welcome back to
Noi, who comes to Dominion every year, and has brought a brand new group of Thai teens with her!
It’s great to have you all here, we hope you enjoy your time learning English with us.

Over the next few weeks, we have a lot of exciting things happening:
EAP 1 (combined with IELTS) – starting May 7th
TESOL – starting May 28th
TECSOL – starting May 14th
Make sure you enrol now if you’d like to take any of these courses!

We also have another public holiday coming up – ANZAC day. It’s on April 25th and the school will be
closed all day. Don’t forget to turn off your alarm!

Have a great April!

The Dominion Team

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