Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Magazine + Summary 2012

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to another edition of our Dominion magazine. We hope you are enjoying the (slightly colder) month of May. We had a busy April with 2 groups from Thailand, Noi’s teenagers and the CLIL group, who brought a lot of fun to the school! There was also TECSOL and J-Shine - well done to all the girls who completed those!
And now things have quietened down and everyone is knuckling down and studying hard. We have begun our new TECSOL, EAP and Cambridge classes and are now preparing for all our upcoming courses: Our next TESOL course begins May 28th, and we are also taking bookings for our new TOEIC Preparation and Business English afternoon class, as well as our next IELTS class, both starting July 2nd. But enough academic talk for now! Enjoy the rest of your May, and don’t forget to relax and have fun. Go outside while you still can!

The Dominion Team

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