Wednesday, June 27, 2012

50 + lunch & options

If you are around 50 years old and you think you'll be the only one in our school, have a look! You are certainly not the only one.

We have a constant flow of you here! When you arrive, we place you according to your level which means that you'll be sharing the class with other young ones - or old ones - who can help you and would actually influence the way you improve your English. We don't believe in having all ages in the same classes or levels. You might be the same age to someone else you know but your English level is going to be quite different. It is very important to be placed in a class for your level. 50 + students are usually interested in General English courses.

Many students come on their own. There are many opportunities to spend time with other students. Break time or after school activities are always popular.

They are a good way to start making friends and practice your English outside the classroom environment. One of our favourite activities and most enjoyable ones is the 50 + lunch. We invite all 50 + students to go out for lunch with one of us* to share our experiences, get to know each other and start a friendship relationship ( that it might be one for lifetime! - we know that!!). If you have any questions about the 50 + options please contact us in English or your language. We have a wide variety of counsellors who will contact you in your own language

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*Costs depend on what you eat  and drink (generally between NZ$10 and NZ$25)

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