Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Magazine + Summary

Hi Everyone!

SPRING IS HERE!!! Finally winter is over, although there are still some wet and windy days every now and then so we can’t put our coats away just yet!

But it’s the season of new life and if you go exploring around Auckland you are sure to see plenty of young lambs,ducklings, cygnets (baby swans), and goslings (baby geese). There are also daffodils all over the place - they are always the first flowers of Spring!

Things here at Dominion have quietened down after a VERY busy couple of months. We had 3 large Taiwanese groups who had a great time here. Our Muslim students had a tough time during Ramadan, and then we all got to celebrate Eid with them (did you read that post?).

This month we are starting our next round of Cambridge courses: FCE, CAE and CPE all start on 10th September. IELTS also starts again on the 24th September. Remember to email us if you are interested!

We hope you have a wonderful September!

The Dominion Team

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