Monday, January 7, 2013

South Island trip update

It is the most popular trip every year. You are going to see why. Thanks Louise for keeping us updated. We'd love to be there enjoying the wonderful New Zealand landscapes and nature. We are so jealous!

The first trip number departed on 22nd December while the second one departed on 23nd December. Students came back on the 4th and 5th January. The feedback is amazing as ever!

1st Jan
Louise 'Happy New Year to you all from Quenstown - fireworks among the rain. 2013's going to be amazing xxxxx'

2nd Jan
Louise 'Rain you might dampen our clothes but never our spirits. Having fun at our New Year BBQ and on the way past Lake Pukaki (no Aoraki Mt Cook today). Roll on sunshine'

3rd Jan
Louise 'Woke to a different day - snow, sun and smiles. Oh how I love you Aotearoa xxxx'

4th Jan
Louise 'Another annual tradition done and dusted - cant go past Nin. Fresh and sweet - perfect lunch'

5th Jan
Louise 'Coming home - Hello North Island - good bye Capital - Auckland see you tonight'


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