Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exciting Courses Starting!

TESOL started Monday

On Monday, we started our TESOL/TKT course with 11 students from 6 different countries - Japan, Korea, Colombia, Thailand, China and Switzerland. A perfect mix of students striving to improve their English and learn the techniques to be a successful English teacher. This training course lasts only 4 weeks. So, if you want to teach English too, the next TESOL/TKT course starts on 13 October.

Lower level IELTS course


For the first time, we opened a lower level IELTS course on 19 May for 6 weeks with an entry of 3.5 - 4. Its popularity is proven by the fact that it was full a month before the course even started. This class is composed of 15 students from 7 different countries - Japan, Korea, Thailand, Russia Vietnam, Colombia and Brazil. This is an early preparatory course to help students prepare for the IELTS exam and is an excellent course to do before our regular IELTS course.  We will announce the start date of our next lower level course very soon.  Our next higher level IELTS course (entry level 5 -5.5) starts on 23 June.

For more information on any of our courses, please visit our website www.dominion.school.nz or contact us at marketing@dominion.school.nz.

Written by Hinarau Lin, Intern from Tahiti.

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