Friday, September 5, 2008

Edu from Spain

Only two full weeks

In your life you have only a few opportunities to do this type of trip, especially for me, so New Zealand is in the opposite side of the world. I took advantage of the situation! My goal to go to New Zealand was to learn English, but in my free time I was also travelling a little and making new friends.

The 20th of July I arrived to Christchurch, it was a sunny and enjoyable day. That Sunday I met my lovely family there, the Smythe. Every day when I got home, I had a pleasing welcome: Hi Eduard! How has your day gone ? All days there were as if I was at home.

My first day at school was interesting. I liked it because I met a lot of people! I didn’t have to do the test because I came from Dominion in Auckland, so directly to the class. I introduced myself to my classmates and they did the same too, it was a good thing to start knowing each other! My morning teacher was Jean, she was very friendly and we laughed a lot!

During the morning we had the grammar lessons, not boring at all! Then were the afternoon lessons, time for talking about everything: countries, customs… time for knowing more about everyone, their way of seeing … Interesting! WaRneR! lol! Nono! Wana!! He was my teacher and the one who recommended me what to do and visit, he was very nice! In both classes I learnt a lot!

An important part of the school was Margaret, she always cared for everyone; and Laura that helped me in my firsts days.

But the best of the school were my classmates: Muk, Ray, Youngsik, Han Gyeon, In, Jung-Su, Jae-Jun, Ji-Hye, Aki, Hiro, Jun, Min, Hye Jin…. and all the others! I will always remember the basketball match (thanks Margaret for having found the court) it was fantastic! Then the karaoke with Soju (I have a bottle in bacelona, EMPTY!) we sang a lot!

During the week I didn’t have much to sightseeing but I visited a lot of parts of the city, I liked a lot the walking through Sumner and Scarborough near the ocean. And in my free weekend I went to Kaikoura, it was amazing! I saw the whales by plane, I walked around the peninsula and I saw seals too! One day I went skiing to Mt Hutt and it was incredible! The day was perfect and the snow too, for me is not normal to ski in July!

These 15 days in Christchurch were fabulous and all went perfect!

Hey, those who know me, please email me soon, I would be so happy to hear about you!

Take care and good luck!

Hasta luego!


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