Friday, September 5, 2008

Irene from Switzerland

The pros and cons of living abroad.

It is my third week in Christchurch, it means I see more positive things than negative things!
I like Christchurch. It is a very nice city with a lot of options. I like the different food; I mean the big choice you have: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Thai. I like the ocean

and the beach and also the hills.
My flat is very good. I’m flatting with three Kiwi girls. They are fun and I need the English! The flat is near the city centre so I can walk home after dancing in the clubs. I think

the city is safe. I don’t need to be worried when I walk home alone at night.
The negative things are it is dark quite early in the evening and I don’t like the strong cold wind. It is too soon to be missing my family and friends but perhaps I’ll miss them

There are interesting clubs in Christchurch and I like the Irish pubs with live music. On Sunday morning I enjoy drinking a cappuccino and eating muesli with fresh fruit in the

yellow café by the Cathedral. It is very interesting to look at what other people do there.
I’m enjoying my time in Christchurch.
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