Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dominion Photo Competition!

Dominion recently held an in-school Photo Competition. There were 2 winning photos that won First and Second Place and were announced in last Friday's Leaver's Ceremonies at both schools.

The winners are: 1st Place - Hyuk Lee of Auckland!, 2nd Place - Gladys Su of Christchurch!

Hyuk's photo will be used on the cover of our redesigned Student Handbook.

Hyuk won a weekend activities trip with Action Tours!

Gladys won an activities day trip with Eric!

Below are a few chosen pics that we think deserve a mention.

Tae Woo Kim - Thursday Night

Matti Wischmeyer - Across the Harbour

Yasuko - Flying Fox

Muk - Mountains

Congratulations Hyuk and Gladys!

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