Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dominion students participate in ‘the Santa Parade’

On 14th December 08, Dominion Christchurch students joined our annual Santa Parade.

More than 100 groups participate in this event every year and our students took part in the Japanese Group this year. There is always a huge crowd of spectators who are fascinated by this event. Well done to you all!

I’m really happy!!, because I participated in the
Santa Parade with my school friends. I was able to get a precious memory!! (^^)

I had never danced in front of such many people! It was exciting.

I could make grate memory!! Thank you very much. (^^)

I joined the Santa Parade as a dancer. It was very fun. I was happy to join it!! I’ll never forget

this experience forever!!

I really enjoyed it. I’m really glad to participate in.

I was very very happy to join this parade. For me, it’s a very special experience, because I’m a Taiwanese. I think all my family and friends will be surprised! Thank Japanese friends give me a chance to join and gave me a great memory! ~

Coo (Yang, Chang Gyu):

I was glad when I heard that Sayako told me you can help me for the Santa Parade. I didn’t think the Santa Parade was very big. I could make a good memory. But I missed because I didn’t enter Korean Part and I couldn’t see the Santa Parade.

Lee, Kang Won:
It was difficult to decide to take part in Japanese performance as a Korean. I think experiencing other countries’ custom is a good memory. I really enjoyed it and I never forget it. Thanks my
Japanese friends! Well done!

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