Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Places to go and things to see …

By the Christchurch FCE class

Located in the middle of NZ, where lots of tourists visit, Nelson is a peaceful and quiet town. The church which is picturesque, stands for history. After ascending a hill, you can see a breathtaking landscape. It makes you calm.


Dunedin has a different architectural style to Christchurch – especially the railway station was great. There is Otago University which is one of the biggest universities in the South Island. Also you can go up the steepest hills in the world.


I’ve been to Wanaka which took about three hours by bus from Queenstown. There is a transparent and breathtaking lake where we can do activities such as rafting, kayaking and so on. There is a small town where few people live. However, I like this place where I could relax and feel peaceful.


It is a lake which is in the North Island of NZ. It is a really huge size similar to the sea which has big waves. So people who like activities on the sea can enjoy sailing on the lake without seeing any land which is beautiful because Lake Taupo is a lake!


It’s a place where you can go skiing and see beautiful views while you ski on natural snow and it’s near Christchurch. There are lots of people who like skiing there and you can go too if you get bored. It’s called Mt. Hutt. If you have time you must visit – you won’t regret it!


It is in the north of the South Island, at the top. There are several national parks in NZ but Abel Tasman National Park is the most special among all the NZ national parks. Because of the environment and special climate in NZ, Abel Tasman National Park has scenery different from other countries. While walking along its paths, you will find the scenery often changes. There are two streams across the park and wide, pale, pure sand beaches.


There is a huge range of mountains in the National Park region which is located in the middle of the North Island. You can see snow on top of the mountains even if it’s summer. There are always lots of visitors who want to climb the beautiful mountains but unfortunately it depends on the weather. If you are going there, take a winter jacket.

Kang Won.

Queenstown is famous for its various activities such as bungy jumping and jet boating. It’s not a stunning, impressive city but it has many shops for tourists. People can enjoy lots of one-day trips which also start from Queenstown. Most people go to Milford Sound where you can enjoy spectacular scenery.


There are lots of places where you can go diving in Australia and some places are so beautiful. Perth, which is part of Western Australia, is not really good for diving if you want to go diving in the blue ocean and see many fish, because we often go diving in the river.

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